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“I really had a good time working with Trish. I see now the way she works – it is most likely very different for each person/business, so perhaps difficult to pinpoint in an interview process. She moves organically through the process and sees what comes up along the way, with no prescribed outcome. I find it very interesting and magical. I especially appreciate that she “feels” her way through it and doesn’t use the cookie-cutter approach. I think it was right in my case to give things a chance to “percolate”, rather than launch immediately into some action. On the other side, because her approach is so gentle, I came away with several “smaller” ideas for action that I was able to implement right away.
I can see that working with Trish is a commitment of “slow and steady wins the race” (at least for me). I think she is going to help me a lot. I already see videos in my future! And I know she is going to help me see how to bring new technology into my life.”

– Advanced Level Professional Bookkeeper, QB Pro-Advisor

“Trish is 100% committed to being the best and helping her clients to be the best. She is constantly working on creating the best strategies to improve her clients image and position in the market. Trish is constantly learning and constantly networking to the point that I believe she may know everyone in town. If you ever needed advice on literally anything pertaining to your business, Trish would be one of your greatest resources.
High energy, great personality and true service to our community. Thanks Trish!”

– School of Music

“Trish has been helping our nonprofit with social media and anything else we ask her to do. She’s creative, accurate, and pleasant to work with. If we could afford a full-time person, it would be Trish Aikman.”

– Co-Founder/President, Non-Profit Food Bank

“Trish Aikman is a powerhouse, my go-to person for marketing issues. She always has good advice and the right people to refer. Her personality is terrific, which helps her to get her points across without making me feel stupid. Trish has volunteered her assistance to my nonprofit on numerous occasions, and has always produced a positive result. Meeting Trish has been a great blessing.”

– CEO, Non-Profit for Military Veterans

“I had my second marketing, branding and social media strategy session with Trish just now. I can’t believe what we accomplished in these two sessions. We brainstormed and came up with a new business name and tag line today which is something I have struggled to identify for over two years! Trish is great at what she does. I feel so confidant that I am now developing and implementing an amazing social presence that I have needed and wanted to grow my business to the next level. Thank you, Trish! I highly recommend anyone who wants a social media and content expert to partner with to call Trish.”

– Success Strategist Coach